Tru Calling
I'll be honest, I was not a Tru believer the first time the morgue-dwelling diva came around, seeing all those dead people and reliving their last day to stop fate. All I imagined was a "Touched by an Early Edition While Crossing Jordan," you know? Don't get me wrong, I love the Eliza Dushku. And casting Jason Priestley as her soul-er opposite was inspired. After all, who would ever peg Brandon Walsh to be the Angel of Doom? Brenda, sure. But B.? Well, that's just crafty. Anyway, I totally missed the boat on this one back then, but now that it's fittingly back from the beyond, I gotta admit, LOVING IT. It's so cool. And not just Dushku and her endless parade of low-riders. Or Priestley, who surprisingly knows his way around a bad guy and can banter with the best of them. No, there's something else going on here and it took me these two back-to-back episodes to figure it out: Tru's not actually a hero. Think about it. First, she rewinds the fatal drowning of a harbor patrol officer, then gets two chances to save a shrink from the business end of a Manson-eyed patient's silencer. In both cases, these do-over DOA's would have bought it when they were destined to if she hadn't been so sold on beating Jack and playing God. Nay, trumping God. And you don't need to have watched a certain tragic news story for the past month to know that nothing good can come from that kind of behavior. Hell, even Marty McFly had consequences to deal with after he fluxed around with the capacitor, or whatever that was on the back of his DeLorean. Thankfully, this is just TV, so all we have to deal with is Jack and Tru's increasingly complex life-vs.-death chess match and the fear that Fox will foolishly let this one die again before we find out which one of them wins. Which would make us all losers, really. — Damian J. Holbrook

OK, it isn't even really fun anymore to make fun of the fact that the Ulong tribe just can't catch a break. As James told me last week, he thought they should rename the tribe "You Ain't Got Long." I think that's appropriate. Just one question: If they get down to a sole member and then that person loses again, does he (Bobby Jon) or she (Stephenie) have to vote him/herself out? And will a froggy-voiced Jeff Probst just shake his head in disbelief and say, um, "You have spoken?" That might be cool.

One weird thing about the lack of a merge is that the Kororians have to sit out more than half of their tribe at each challenge. Of course they are going to be rested and able to fish and hunt and catch sharks with machetes and keep on winning. But where was Tom when Shannon Lucio from The O.C. was flailing around on Spring Break: Shark Attack? And if I were Barbie and Ken canoodling around the fire, I'd watch my back around Tom. If he can catch a shark without being bitten, he'd surely have no trouble snuffing out the torches of two pretty dolls. — Angel Cohn

The Apprentice
The elite eight get cooking when they have to create, bake and sell pizza for Domino's. The Donald apparently likes a spicy meat-a-ball-a; I just hope he has some Alka-Seltzer handy because both teams took the easy way out and tried to butter up their potential boss. Despite their recent acquisition of book-smart Alex, the Net Worth team still lost because Chris was rude, Alex seemed preoccupied with the ladies and Stephanie trekked to Brooklyn by subway during the middle of the day to deliver pizza? I hope she got a big tip. At least one positive thing happened this week, Chris stopped chewing tobacco. But the sunflower seed-chomping was just as unattractive to watch. Kick the habit, dude, before Trump kicks you out.

I've gotten used to the Trump corporate synergy and over-the-top promotion of companies during the show. Right after I finish writing this, I'm going to go shower with some Dove Body Wash and then have some M&M's and Nescafe for dessert. But the commercials during the breaks are just too much of The Donald, although they did make me laugh because they were almost identical to the parody spots that SNL has been doing. Is the Donald copying Darrell now? If that's the case, I can't wait to see the real Donald as Count Trumpula. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! — AC

Just a week after finally getting a new episode, boom — another repeat. Oh, well. I remember I liked this the first time. 'Twas directed by departed cast member Paul McCrane, don'tcha know. Every now and then, we are treated to one of those "Meet the Parents" episodes, and this time it was Neela's turn. Mama and Papa Rasgotra aren't happy with Neela's decision to quit being a doctor. Cue the angst! This episode was also the beginning of Carter's downfall. Oh, Carter, we're only getting you for four episodes next season. No wonder you're Crabby Spice, or as the episode title implies, "Damaged."

I always like to point out the obscure guest stars. First there's Valerie Curtin, who played the Jane Fonda role in the TV version of 9 to 5, as the mother of the war victim. But you can't get more obscure than former TV heartthrob Sasha Mitchell as Patrick, owner of the restaurant Carter visits. Poor Sasha has put on so much weight that he's beyond recognition. They even had him in a soft-focus side view — his only shot. But eagle-eye here still noticed it was him. OK, I saw his name in the closing credits and was like "Sasha Mitchell?!? Where the heck was he?" and rewound my TiVo.

This was the pivotal episode where Luka first told Samantha he loved her and asked her to live with him. I was like "Does he live on the second floor?" Come on, his name is Luka. — Dave Anderson

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