Fans of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry better brace themselves for a new tell-all biography by the late auteur's longtime executive assistant.

"I don't want to burst the bubble of the mystique that has built up around this gifted man who was a 20th century icon, but he did have feet of clay like anybody else," says Susan Sackett, who worked for Roddenberry from 1974 until his death in 1991. Included in her serialized online biography, available only through, are Sackett's claims that she maintained a longtime love affair with the married producer.

"It began rather early in my association with him, but it did develop into a deep and abiding love situation that continued over the course of our association," she tells TV Guide Online. "At his funeral, I was screaming inside. I wanted so much for people to know that this was my love who had died. I felt like a widow."

Sackett, a member of the high-IQ group Mensa, tells us she and Roddenberry were "very intellectually attuned." On the other hand, she says, he was a depressed man with various chemical-dependency problems.

"He struggled for many, many years with alcohol and drugs and things like that," she says. "The key word here is struggled. He did try to overcome it and never quite did. I got him into several different programs and they would work for a while."

Visitors to Sackett's site will also find some of her rare Star Trek memorabilia for sale. Included among the offerings are several items made only for cast and crew members, such as a beach bag and towel set, a radio and a "leather-like" gym bag. "They've been sitting in my closet and I felt, 'Well, somebody might enjoy them,' " she says.