Logan Marshall-Green and Matthew Bomer, <EM>Traveler</EM> Logan Marshall-Green and Matthew Bomer, Traveler

So they learned something in grad school after all. Tonight at 10 pm/ET on ABC's Traveler, the Ivy League fugitives stop running and return to New York to suss out who framed them for the Drexler museum bombing. With the involuntary help of a fellow Yalie, now a stock-market trader (Invasion's always-welcome Tyler Labine), Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) uncover the unsavory truth about Tyler's dear old billionaire dad, Carlton (William Sadler).

"It's a turning point for the story," says David DiGilio, executive producer of this fast-paced latest addition to the troubled serialized-thriller genre. "The final truth about Carlton Fog's involvement in the Drexler conspiracy is revealed" — look for a heartbreaking scene between father and son — "and after his girlfriend's murder, the morally ambiguous bomber Will Traveler becomes a man on a mission of revenge."

So is anyone really on the hapless Jay and Tyler's side? Not only is the answer yes, says DiGilio, "but who it is will really surprise you."

If Traveler's journey is soon canceled, DiGilio promises he'll reveal the planned series end in his TVGuide.com celebrity blog. But if the numbers hold up and are to ABC's liking, he is poised to let loose a new leg of the mystery for Season 2. Whereas the hot topic thus far has been, "Who is Will Traveler?" DiGilio says,  "There's a question that's raised in the last episode about the organization behind this, and that raises all kinds of themes regarding our history, our democracy and, really, political and class consciousness in this country. It's a big thing."

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