In his sit-down with The Advocate (hitting newsstands June 19), Grey's Anatomy's T.R. Knight not-quite-artfully dodges pointed questions about the fallout (or lack thereof) of the October 2006 on-set incident that urged him out of the closet, painted cast mate Isaiah Washington as a homophobe and left many waiting for significant repercussions at the hand of series creator Shonda Rhimes. An excerpt obtained by

"When asked if Washington had apologized to him personally, Knight initially responded, 'Which time?' Then, when pressed, he said, 'What a lovely blue sky.' When queried about whether Rhimes had come to him and asked what he wanted to happen, he paused thoughtfully before saying, 'I like blueberries. Do you like blueberries?'"

As Raven here just observed, this much is now clear: T.R. likes blue.