Tori Spelling jokes are so yesterday. Sure, she was given her big break by her father — uberproducer Aaron Spelling — on Beverly Hills, 90210, but that was, like, 14 years ago. Since then, the actress, 30, has paid her dues in independent films and on stage, and has made enough TV movies to earn her a Lifetime (Television for Women) Achievement Award — all on her own. Next up, the notorious good girl goes bad as a female Scrooge in the Hallmark Channel's holiday entry, A Carol Christmas (airing Sunday at 8 pm/ET). And you can bet that Pops had nothing to do with getting Tori this interview.

TV Guide Online: What's a good Jewish girl like you doing starring in a Christmas movie?
Tori Spelling: (Laughs) I know. My friends were like, "Do they know you're Jewish?"

TVGO: Was it fun being bad?
Spelling: I was actually nervous. I'd never really played a mean, bitchy character before. But once I got into it, it was really fun to yell at people.

TVGO: You play a dog walker for a well-to-do family in the WB midseason comedy The Help. Have you ever picked up dog doo before?
Spelling: Well, yeah. (Laughs) I have dogs.

TVGO: I know, but you're rich. Doesn't someone else do that for you?
Spelling: Yeah, someone follows behind me with a bag. (Laughs)

TVGO: There was talk that you didn't do the 90210 reunion last May because Shannen Doherty was gonna be there.
Spelling: It wasn't because of Shannen. Other people had problems with her on 90210, but she and I were always friends. That whole thing confused me.

TVGO: Are you still friends?
Spelling: It's not like we hang out anymore, but when we see each other, we are friends.

TVGO: So, why didn't you do the special?
Spelling: It's been harder for me to move past [the show], because it wasn't just moving past my show, it was moving past my father's show, too. I wanted a little more time to establish myself before going back.

TVGO: Did you watch it?

TVGO: What did you think?
Well, I thought... I wanted to see more, I guess. I watched it from a fan's perspective and I felt like they didn't talk about stuff that I really cared about.

TVGO: You were the butt of a lot of nepotism jokes during 90210. Did it hurt?
It hurt at the time because I felt like I wasn't even being given a chance. I found it quite unfair. And it's funny, so many other people since then have done things [for] their parents and no one gets crucified. I just felt like it all came down on me. But now, I don't care. I feel like I'll get the last laugh.

TVGO: You've had some hot leading men, from Freddie Prinze Jr. to Patrick Muldoon. Which one was the best kisser?
Spelling: The best kisser? (Laughs) That's not a TV Guide question.

TVGO: This is the new TV Guide. We ask everything.
Spelling: (Laughs) Oh gosh, I'm blanking. I don't know... Brian Green (90210's David). I had to kiss him the most over the years.

TVGO: Would you ever do a reality show?
Spelling: If I wanted to end my career. (Laughs)

TVGO: Have you turned any down?
Spelling: Not that I'm aware of. I haven't started getting the reality TV offers. Thank God.

TVGO: It seems like a good point in this interview to confess that I once went trick-or-treating at your dad's mansion.
You did? Did they pass out candy?

TVGO: No, the security guard turned us away.