Since Joe Millionaire struck ratings gold, the reality series' star, make-believe moneybags Evan Marriott, has been pondering the $64,000 question. No, not which avaricious vixen he prefers, but how he's going to cash in once his secret at last is revealed!

"I think it would be neat to have a TV show, kind of like a Bob Vila show on steroids," he tells TV Guide Online. "[I'd] get away from the house stuff and get on big job sites and big buildings. Wouldn't that be killer?

"[Forget this] Bob Vila crap!" he continues, his enthusiasm growing seemingly in direct proportion to his disdain for This Old House. "Who wants to put up crown molding? We're going to put up beams! Real men don't want to put up crown molding, they want to [operate] cranes and move beams and set up girders... stuff like that."

Of course we do. And the powers that be know it. "I don't see [Marriott] replacing Paige Davis [as host of The Learning Channel's interior-design hit Trading Spaces]," admits TLC exec Michael Klein. "But he'd certainly qualify for a starring role on [our upcoming series] Faking It."

For now, Marriott is waiting to find out if Hollywood will offer him big bucks to headline his dream program or if he'll be returning to the line of work that only allowed him to deposit 19 grand a year in his wallet. Either way, he'll still smile all the way to the bank.

"When this is over, maybe I'll be back on a back hoe," he muses. But that's okay because "I like construction; I just needed a break from it. If I have to go back, I'll go back. However, if this [exposure] leads to [a career in] TV, it's an opportunity anybody would kill for, so I'm going to take advantage of it."