Host Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race 13 Host Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race 13

Amazing Race 13
8 pm/ET CBS
Mongol warriors, falcons and 30,000 chickens are some of the more unusual things encountered by the five remaining teams on the eighth leg of the race. The duos begin by traveling from Old Delhi, India, to Almaty, Kazakhstan. A tense competition breaks out when several duos race for a Fast Forward that turns out to be not for delicate palates. — Tim Holland

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Iron Chef America
8:30 pm/ET Food Network
It looks like the Chairman isn't worried about having too many cooks in the kitchen. For the first time in ICA history, all four Iron Chefs compete at once in Kitchen Stadium. Bobby Flay and Michael Symon team up to take on Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora in a Thanksgiving battle that should test their teamwork, creativity and (most importantly) taste. Tiki Barber, Donatella Arpaia and Lou Diamond Phillips are on hand to judge which team's cuisine reigns supreme. — Karen Andzejewicz

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Desperate Housewives
9 pm/ET ABC
It's Battle of the Bands night in Fairview, and the guys of Wisteria Lane are going up against a group called Cold Splash (played by  indie-rock band Tokyo Police Club). It promises to be a hot night — a very hot night — at the club, and the producers aren't denying that the fire that breaks out there will cause fatalities. Julie Mayer couldn't have picked a better time to return home with her new boyfriend, a fortysomething college professor (Steven Weber). — Paul Droesch

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10 pm/ET Showtime
An engrossing series of confrontations mark this evening's festivities. Devil-may-care Hank's careless transgressions impact his interview with Lew Ashby's former lover, and he worries that he may have lost "the most compelling parts of [his] book" about the infamous record producer. Speaking of Ashby, Karen assails him for his tryst with enticing teenage Mia and his "pathetic" behavior. Over at Charlie's, he and porn star Daisy play house while his wife is detoxing at her mother's place. — Ray Stackhouse

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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II
11:30 pm/ET Cartoon Network
Robot Chicken masterminds Seth Green and Matthew Senreich once again take viewers to a galaxy far, far away for a spoof of the "Star Wars" franchise. Tonight's second installment proves that no one is safe from mockery as Luke and the Emperor battle in a "yo mamma" fight, George Lucas is attacked by a mob of nerds, and George Bush learns that the force is indeed with him. — Brie Hearn

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