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Saturday Night Live
11:29/10:29c NBC
There will be some true grit when Jeff Bridges serves as host. The 2010 Best Actor Oscar winner for Crazy Heart (and a four-time Oscar nominee) first hosted the show back in 1983 with his brother, Beau, but the star of the Coen brothers' forthcoming western, True Grit, is back in the SNL saddle tonight. Jeff refs a trouncing of the day's topical events and political dramas — and, with Christmas just around the corner, there will likely be some merry ho ho hos and yuletide yuks. In the midst of all this is music guest Eminem, who joins forces with fellow rapper Lil Wayne to perform their duet, "No Love." — Dean Maurer

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New Mexico Bowl
2/1c ESPN
Now 35 games long, college football's all-too-meaningless bowl season is expanding along with our waistlines this holiday season, serving as a mild distraction from the malls and a side-room safe haven on the party circuit. Today's triple-header starts off with BYU and UTEP (both 6-6) in the New Mexico Bowl, followed by Northern Illinois-Fresno State (Humanitarian) and Ohio-Troy (New Orleans). Sure, it's hard to stomach bowl games with such sub-par teams, but they still go down easier than fruitcake. Let the games begin! — Roger Leister

Battle of the Bulbs
8/7c Hallmark
Daniel Stern and Matt Frewer face off in this holiday tale of extreme Christmas decorating. The pair play Bob and Stu, former-friends-turned-neighbors who draw on old animosity to fuel a not-so-friendly competition to decorate their homes for the holidays. Their efforts to outdo one another quickly escalate, and soon the entire town gets caught up in the action. — Brie Hearn

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