CSI: Miami CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami
10/9c CBS
The crime-fighting series, now in its ninth season, celebrates its 200th episode with an hour titled, appropriately enough, "Happy Birthday." Horatio, who last week showed his contempt for anyone who harms a woman by tossing an abusive suspect through a window, is again incensed when a pregnant woman is severely beaten and left for dead after her car is smashed into by another vehicle. Of course, it was no accident. The woman was targeted. But why? Don't worry, H is on the case. — Tim Holland

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The Simpsons

8/7c Fox
Marge gets yuletide decorating help from Martha Claus (voiced by Martha Stewart) and the family plans a Hawaiian holiday getaway, but a surprise visit from Katy Perry, who plays herself in a live-action sequence with puppets of the Simpsons, delays their departure. — Fred Mitchell

Boardwalk Empire
9/8c HBO
Last week, the thrilling first season's penultimate episode was full of surprises, including the revelation of Jimmy's paternity, the forced resignation of Eli and Sebso's murder by Van Alden. It also set the bar pretty high for tonight's finale, but series creator Terence Winter probably has a few more tricks up his sleeve, namely how the Nucky-Rothstein feud will shake out, whether Margaret will come back to her benefactor and how Jimmy will deal with the woman who was ready to desert him. — Joe Friedrich

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