9/8c CBS
Last week Mac discovered that a corpse found buried in Central Park for 15 years is deputy chief Ted Carver's estranged sister who disappeared in 1995. Adding to the mystery is the fact that her credit cards have continued to be used to the present day. Tonight, a body washes up at the South Street Seaport and the investigation begins to unravel a dark secret from Carver's past and leads Mac to believe that Carver (guest star John Larroquette) murdered his sister. — Tim Holland

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8/7c Nickelodeon
Carly and the gang are invited to attend a fan convention called WebiCon, but they aren't quite prepared for the die-hard fans who are divided into two passionate camps regarding whom Freddie should date: Creddies (Carly-Freddie fans) vs. Seddies (Sam-Freddie fans). Spencer, meanwhile, has his hands full with his online video-game nemesis, Aspartamay (Jack Black). Clad in the medieval costumes of their avatars, these two battle each other in person for the first time. — Jennifer Sankowski

Homemade Millionaire
10/9c TLC
This new series from exec producers Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos gives aspiring female entrepreneurs a chance to see their visions come to life and sell their inventions on the Home Shopping Network. In the opener, three hopefuls pitch beauty products, including hair rollers, hair "bling" and a home styling station. The judging panel includes Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, cofounder of Serious Skin Care. — Karen Kelty