The Good Wife The Good Wife

The Good Wife
10/9c CBS
Miranda Cosgrove guest stars as a teen pop star who is charged with a DUI. Alicia's represents the young singer and the case goes well until Cary drops a bombshell in court and charges the starlet with attempted murder. On the campaign trail, Peter runs into a snag when the Democratic Committee asks him to drop out of the state's attorney race. — Tim Holland

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8/7c Fox
We saw the soft and (almost) cuddly side of Coach Beiste (Dot Marie Jones) last week after she abruptly resigned in the wake of her sexual humiliation. The glee kids did apologize, but is that enough to get her to return? Jones is in tonight's guest cast. But the big news is a bigger name in the guest cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, playing a substitute teacher with the marquee-ready name Holly Holiday, who fills in for Will when he gets sick and is featured in a "Singin' in the Rain" production number. Also calling out sick is Principal Figgins. Unfortunately, you-know-who fills in for him. — Paul Droesch

College Basketball
8/7c ESPN
The dawn of a new college basketball season means it's time to get over the nagging memory of Butler's Gordon Hayward missing that last-second heave — and Duke winning the national title. Now Hayward plays for the Utah Jazz, and Butler joins 1984 N.C. State, 1986 Villanova and 2007 George Mason on the list of teams that had to follow the greatest underdog stories in March Madness history. The first big test for coach Brad Stevens' squad is in Louisville, where the Bulldogs are the first of no fewer than a dozen non-conference opponents to get a taste of Louisville's new KFC Yum! Center, the house that Rick Pitino built. Talk about home cookin'. — Roger Leister

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