Psych Psych

10/9c USA
Psych returns from its mid-season break with a familiar face: Shawn and Gus' nemesis Despereaux, played by the charismatic Cary Elwes. The clever criminal asks the guys to visit him in prison, but what Shawn and Gus don't know is that he's involving them in his plot to escape custody. Everything goes according to Despereaux's plan... until he's accused of murder and needs Shawn and Gus to help clear his name. — Brie Hearn

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English Premier League Soccer
2:55/1:55c ESPN2
Even with star-crossed forward Wayne Rooney rehabbing his ankle injury in the seclusion of Nike headquarters in the States, some of the EPL's highest-priced talent is on display as Rooney's Manchester United visits big-spending cross-town rival Manchester City. The outlook for City hasn't matched their sky-blue uniforms of late, with a troubling string of losses to Wolves, Arsenal and an obscure Polish team in Europa League play. All will be forgotten, however, with a win over Sir Alex Ferguson's side. Former United striker Carlos Tevez is expected to be fit for City, while dynamic newcomer Javier Hernandez sparks the visitors. — Roger Leister

Harry Loves Lisa
10/9c TV Land
Despite practicing night and day on an Irish accent for an audition last week, Harry's failure to get the part ensured that his acting famine will continue. Rather than mope about it, however, Harry adopts a carpe diem attitude to turn his life around. (You go, Perseus!) But the biggest drama in tonight's one-hour first-season finale will involve Lisa's infamous lips, when she agrees to let a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon attempt to undo the silicone injections she received 24 years ago. — Joe Friedrich