Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives
9/8c ABC
We know that Paul Young has been keeping secrets from Beth, and that Beth hasn't been entirely open with Paul. Their marital difficulties were Topic A last week, and there'll be more developments tonight. Meanwhile, Lynette's looking for a new nanny and Susan's looking for a new job. Expect a convergence. But Lynette gets a job offer as well — from old friend Renee. Here's a flash — a hot one — from the suddenly menopausal Bree. And is Carlos gay? Honestly, that's one of the story lines: Gaby's worried that he and Bob might become an item. — Paul Droesch

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Hannah Montana Forever

7:30/6:30c Disney
Miley grows increasingly frustrated with her double life on tonight's pivotal episode. The pressure mounts as Miley applies to colleges and her boyfriend, Jesse, grows tired of pretending to date Hannah Montana. When Miley appears as Hannah on The Tonight Show, she contemplates removing her blonde wig on camera and telling the world she is really Miley Stewart. Jay Leno and Dr. Phil McGraw guest star as themselves. — Tim Holland

Undercover Boss
9/8c CBS
Will Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts be a hit when he goes undercover to work for the organization at Wrigley Field on tonight's episode? Probably not, if past entries of the workplace reality series are any indication. Ricketts grew facial hair and wore glasses during a nine-game Cubs home stand to film his minimum-wage experiences as a vendor, an employee of the Captain Morgan Club and as a member of the grounds crew. Hopefully, Ricketts has better luck on the field than his Cubs did this past season. — Tim Holland

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Sunday Night Football8:15/7:15c NBC The Cowboys visit the Packers in what looked like a meeting of NFC Super Bowl contenders just a few short months ago. The Packers are still in the hunt, despite a slew of injuries and an inconsistent offensive attack. The Cowboys however, have just one win to show for their efforts, or perhaps lack of efforts. Feeble tackling, dropped passes and a general look of befuddlement have sent them back to training-camp mode, where America's Team will put game planning on the back burner and concentrate on fundamentals. — Dave Roeder

The Simpsons

8/7c Fox Matt Groening's vaunted Treehouse of Horror Halloween-themed franchise returns for a 21st installment with three tales of terror and trepidation. In one, Daniel Radcliffe escapes his Harry Potter pigeonhole and supplies the voice of a charming vampire who wins Lisa's heart. Another finds Bart and Milhouse enamored of board games, and inventing a real-life game of their own. In the third segment, Homer and Marge go on a romantic second honeymoon at sea, only to be interrupted by a castaway they rescue (voice of Hugh Laurie). — Fred Mitchell

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Great Migrations8/7c National Geographic Stunning cinematography is on display in this new miniseries, which is being touted as the "biggest programming event" in the National Geographic Channel's 10-year history. Filmed on all seven continents, the series chronicles the epic migrations animals take each year to ensure the survival of their species. The opener, narrated by Alec Baldwin, follows wildebeest as they chase the rains in their 300-mile trek across the Serengeti. Monarch butterflies in North America, sperm whales in the Atlantic and red crabs on Christmas Island are also spotlighted. — Karen A. KeltyEastbound & Down10:30/9:30c HBO With the Kenny Powers Experiment in Mexico officially over, it's time to take stock of his journey of self-discovery. It certainly had its ups and downs, but he did find his father, proved to at least one big-league scout that he could still play baseball and settled enough scores to win back what passes for his dignity. So in tonight's second-season finale, Kenny heads back to North Carolina for another shot at a pitching career — and maybe, just maybe, a chance to rekindle his romance with April. — Joe Friedrich