Smallville Smallville

8/7c CW
Clark ought to know better than to make Lois aware that he's trying to protect her. But no. His efforts to steer her clear of the Vigilante Registrations Act story results in a declaration from Lois that she can take care of herself.  Of course, a flat tire on a lonely stretch of road has her doubting her own words as she finds herself in a dangerous pickle. — Rhoda Charles

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Blue Bloods
10/9c CBS
Fans of the Tom Selleck-Donnie Wahlberg drama should be happy to hear that the show was recently picked up by CBS for a full year. Tonight, the hit freshman series focuses on the deaths of three teens who die from a drug overdose linked to a particularly lethal narcotic. Danny works overtime to track down the deadly source before more victims are claimed by it. — Tim Holland

10/9c Syfy
If your bank's checking fees and overdraft penalties haven't stressed you out, an Abnormal stashed in a safe deposit box might do the trick. Magnus and Co. try to make an unusual withdrawal, but it turns out that the critter already hatched, busted out and found a new hiding spot in a human host, which compels Kate to stage an armed robbery as a cover for the necessary quarantine. — Michael Chant