Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
8 pm/ET NBC
Tami once again finds herself in the hot seat after Luke's mom tries to get her fired for her role in Becky's tough decision. Forced to fight for her job, Tami has to face the school board to defend her actions. And while this is going on, Luke still struggles with his injury and tries to find new ways to deal with his pain. Elsewhere, Julie takes a hit when she receives an unexpected phone call, and Vince just can't stay out of trouble. — Brie Hearn

9 pm/ET Syfy
Workplace violence spurs companies to research and implement ways to resolve disputes before tempers get out of hand and use terms like "conflict resolution." But what's a company to do when such anger goes viral? The staff at Global Dynamics is about to find out as Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation) portrays a disgruntled scientist whose rage may be contagious. — Michael Chant

The Pillars of the Earth

10 pm/ET STARZ
On the heels (or should it be sandals?) of Starz's gladiator epic Spartacus: Blood and Sand comes the cable network's ambitious costume epic set in 12th-century Britain. This one could have been subtitled Blood and Stone, as it features much of the same gory violence as its predecessor, only, among the plots in this adaptation of the Ken Follett novel, is one about a man of the cloth (Matthew Macfadyen) who tries to build a magnificent cathedral. The backdrop is a power struggle to determine the rightful ruler of the realm. — Ray Stackhouse

Good Morning America
7 am/ET ABC
It's the beginning of a summer day  —  time for Sheryl Crow to step outside into the Central Park sunshine (or the Central Park rain) and sing "Summer Day," the first single from her seventh studio album, 100 Miles From Memphis, which was released on Tuesday. Upbeat and soulful (complete with horns and chorus), "Summer Day" marks a departure (though not a radical one) from Crow's customary folk/rock-country sound. Incidentally, the Missouri town where Crow grew up is approximately 100 miles from Memphis. — Paul Droesch

Wizards of Waverly Place
8:30 pm/ET Disney Channel
Justin is ecstatic when he learns he has been chosen to write an issue of his favorite comic book, which features Capt. Jim Bob Sherwood. But his enthusiasm is dampened somewhat when he discovers that Alex has been selected to illustrate it. Even worse, he and Alex can't agree on what the story should be about. So, what does Alex do? She magically brings the Captain (John O'Hurley) to life to discuss the situation with him. — Tim Holland

Your Chance to Dance
9 pm/ET CMT
With Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance on the network airwaves and Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew on MTV, CMT steps onto the dance floor to carve out a piece of the TV hoofing pie. In this series, people across America send in homemade dance videos based on movies, videos, TV shows and commercials. From those entries, contestants are chosen to show us their steps and try to win $10,000. Who knows? Maybe a little "Boot Scootin' Boogie" is coming our way. — Fred Mitchell

Smallville (repeat)
8 pm/ET CW
In this repeat from February, Lois and Chloe turn on each other over Clark when the man of steel finally gets his every wish fulfilled. His desires are simple: a traditional relationship with his girlfriend and a best friend who will come to his rescue every now and again. Unfortunately, Clark is unaware that he has been infected with dream-come-true Kryptonite on Valentine's Day. So when Lois quits her job and moves in with her man and when Chloe takes her role as defender seriously...things fall apart. — Rhoda Charles