World Cup 2010 World Cup 2010

World Cup Soccer
2/1c ABC
It wasn't a reality until Landon Donovan's goal hit the back of the net in the final minutes of Wednesday's nail-biting win over Algeria, but Team USA indeed finds itself back in Rustenburg, South Africa, for round-of-16 action after dramatically finishing atop Group C. Group D runner-up Ghana is the next foe for coach Bob Bradley's tireless squad, which began its South African odyssey with a 1-1 tie of England on this field before traveling a short triangular route that turned into a Bermuda Triangle full of lost opportunities at net and mystery whistles by the officials. — Roger Leister

Track and Field
3/2c NBC
The track-and-field hotbed of Des Moines, Iowa, hosts the premiere track event of the summer — the USA Outdoor Championships. Ceding Midwest football prowess to Notre Dame and basketball to Indiana, Drake University has a knack for track, with a "Fan Zone" of interactive kiosks and exhibits on the sport set up outside Drake Stadium. Events available for live coverage today include the men's and women's 400m; the women's 1500m; and the men's 400m hurdles. — Dave Roeder

8/7c Nickelodeon
Summer gets off to a sizzling start on Nickelodeon as four of its comedies (iCarly, followed by Big Time Rush, Victorious and True Jackson, VP) have episodes focusing on a heat-wave theme. Things kick off with Carly and her pals when rising temperatures cause a power outage in Seattle. Luckily, Spencer has a special Norwegian air conditioner and generator to help cool things down. However, when word of this spreads, everyone in Carly's building crowds into the Shay siblings' loft. — Jennifer Sankowski

AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Mike Nichols
9/8c TVLand
Had Berlin-born filmmaker Mike Nichols' German-Russian-Jewish family not fled the Nazis when he was a boy in 1939, he might not have ever achieved anything. But the naturalized U.S. citizen went on to live an American dream that included Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards, and is certainly worthy of the 38th Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. Taped in Los Angeles on June 10, the star-studded ceremony's guest list includes Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Cher and Jack Nicholson. — Joe Friedrich

You Lucky Dog
9/8c Hallmark
Natasha Henstridge and Harry Hamlin share the screen with an adorable Border collie in this 2010 original movie. Henstridge plays a fashion designer who returns to her hometown to help save the family farm. She ends up adopting a pup from a shelter and decides to train her as a sheep-herding dog, a skill she hopes will help bring in new revenue for the farm. The pup exceeds all expectations, but a disaster strikes that could have lasting consequences for everyone. — Brie Hearn

Dinocroc vs. Supergator
9/8c Syfy
If we've learned anything from those Godzilla movies, it's that the world isn't big enough for two massive, havoc-wreaking monsters, and the best way to get rid of them is to pit them against each other. The channel that loves creature features and pro wrestling delivers a bout between a prehistoric crocodile and a super-size alligator in a 2010 film that also includes one of David Carradine's last performances. — Michael Chant

The Proposal
9/8c Starz
Knockout chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds provides the punch in this rollicking romantic comedy. She's a hard-nosed publisher who learns that she's going to be headed back to Canada unless she can get herself married. He plays her overworked and exploited assistant whom she pressures into an unwelcome marriage of convenience. They pose as a "loving" couple on a pre-wedding trip to Alaska to visit his family, and the course of romance takes some surprising and unexpected detours. The 2009 film is rated PG-13. — Ray Stackhouse