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82nd Academy Awards
8:30/7:30c ABC
Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin share the hosting duties for this year's extravaganza, but chances are they'll be overshadowed by another pair who've been making headlines recently: directors — and former spouses — James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow. Their respective films, Avatar and The Hurt Locker, have split 18 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, though they'll have competition from eight other Best Picture nominees, including Up in the Air and Inglourious Basterds. — Joe Friedrich

Barbara Walters Special
7/6c ABC
Babs hasn't been hosting her pre-Oscar chatfest forever exactly, only since 1981. Still, that's an eon in TV time — one that will end after tonight's show. Not surprisingly, much of it will consist of retrospective segments. (Twenty-nine years' worth of shows leaves a large archive, so there are plenty of stars to choose from, and the names already released range alphabetically from Basinger to Zellweger.) But there will also be new interviews with best actress nominee Sandra Bullock and best supporting actress nominee Mo'Nique. — Paul Droesch

Big Love
9/8c HBO
Rarely in this show's four seasons (a fifth is in the works) have we seen the Henricksons so divided, what with Ben's exile, Sarah's departure and Margene's other "marriage," to name a few problems. And while Bill is supposed to be the glue to hold it together, his cockamamie political quest hasn't been the bonding experience he'd imagined. Well, election day is nigh in tonight's finale, but Bill's dreams of revealing his polygamy may hinge on Marilyn's schemes and a breaking scandal in Kansas. — Joe Friedrich

Amazing Race 16
8/7c CBS
The eight remaining teams leave Argentina's vast countryside for the hustle and bustle of Hamburg, Germany, as the fourth leg of the race gets underway. When they arrive, the teams learn they must split up and partner with opposing racers to navigate a confusing train system and bungee jump from a tower. They also retrace the early days of the Beatles, with a little help from their friends. — Tim Holland

Hannah Montana
7:30/6:30c Disney
The third season concludes with a pivotal two-part cliff-hanger in which Miley is faced with the biggest decision of her life. Should she continue living in Malibu or follow her heart back to her Crowley Corners ranch in Tennessee and to her beloved horse Blue Jeans? Miley brings Blue Jeans out to California but things go terribly wrong, which then forces her to make a decision. And if that weren't enough, Jackson moves out; Oliver considers going on the road to pursue a singing career; and Lilly, well, she doesn't know what to do now that her mom has moved to Atlanta. — Tim Holland