iCarly iCarly

8/7c Nickelodeon
A kid can only take so much humiliation, and Freddie's mom goes too far when she not only embarrasses him on Carly's show but also shows his classmates his baby pictures at school. Freddie wants to prove to his mother that he's no longer the little boy she sees in those pictures, so he moves out. Some photos Freddie doesn't mind sharing are the ones from the new pet-photography business he's formed with Carly and Sam. But before long, they get into a feud with their competition. — Jennifer Sankowski

Beyond Sherwood Forest
9/8c Syfy
You're not in Smallville anymore, Lois, and there's no Sanctuary for you either, Will. Robin Dunne plays that archer guy who robs from the rich to give to the poor whilst Erica Durance plays his love interest, Maid Marian, in this take on Robin Hood that has our hero seeking a cure for a woman who turns into a murderous beast during the daytime, with or without coffee. — Michael Chant

The National Tree
8/7c Hallmark
Evan Williams and Andrew McCarthy star in this 2009 Hallmark original movie as a father and son who aren't exactly seeing eye to eye. The pair has a chance to work on their relationship when they hit the road to deliver a Sitka spruce that was selected as the national Christmas tree to be planted outside the White House. Kari Matchett also stars as a marketing rep who's along for the ride as the tree becomes a symbol of hope for the country. — Brie Hearn

The Whale That Ate Jaws
8/7c National Geographic
In 1997, whale watchers witnessed the ultimate clash of the titans when a killer whale devoured a great white shark off the coast of San Francisco, leaving biologists mystified...so much so that they questioned the shark's supremacy as the ultimate predator of the sea. This hour recalls that incident, which was captured on film, and reveals fascinating new insights into two of the world's most aggressive animals. — Karen Andzejewicz

Suze Orman Show
9/8c CNBC
It's a Biggest Loser-themed edition, as trainer Jillian Michaels stops by to discuss the link between financial well-being and physical fitness, while clips from Suze Orman's recent one-on-ones with the show's contestants are featured. In the popular "Can I Afford It?" segment, Orman offers advice to a viewer who wants to purchase a pricey chef's jacket and helps someone else who is considering the purchase of a Camaro. — Jeff Gemmill