Dancing with the Stars Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars
9:01/8:01c ABC
Tonight a new winner is crowned! So will the Season 9 champ be Mya, Donny Osmond or Kelly Osbourne? It's a race that's too close to call, but we do know that a professional dancer who's never won the coveted mirror-ball trophy before will win it tonight. This star-studded extravaganza includes the return of all 16 of this season's celebrities, two performances from Whitney Houston, two dance-offs, and return visits from Jeffrey Ross, Adam Carolla and the Muppets. — Jennifer Sankowski

8/7c ABC
Things were tense enough with the human race recently learning that they're not alone in the universe. The tension gets cranked up a notch when Erica learns that those good-looking aliens who parked their big spaceships over the world's major cities may be crafting a biological threat. If that's not enough tension for you, keep this in mind: This is the last episode of the year, so fans are going to be kept in suspense until 2010. — Michael Chant

NCIS: Los Angeles
9/8c CBS
Rocky Carroll's Leon Vance has become a familiar face on the NCIS spin-off, but now fans also get the pleasure of seeing Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), who, up to this point, has only had phone interaction with the L.A. team. Tonight Abby works with the team when the murder of a chief petty officer matches the pattern of a serial killer she has been tracking. — Bill Ecklund

The Good Wife
10/9c CBS
Alicia knows Peter cheated on her, but she's never met the other woman — until now. Chelsea Handler guest stars as herself and interviews Peter's mistress on her show. "Frigid" is a word used to describe Alicia during the interview, and the whole affair begins to unravel Alicia's normally calm facade. And while Alicia knows Peter was unfaithful, does she believe he's guilty of corruption? His evidentiary hearing doesn't go well, and Alicia's concerns about his possible guilt grow. — Tim Holland

Sons of Anarchy
10/9c FX
It has been said that the world will unite only when aliens invade from space. Well, Zobelle has invaded Charming (to get into the heroin business!), and his final confrontation with SAMCRO is likely to come in next week's season finale. So last week's rapprochements (Opie, Piney, Chibs ), coming on the heels of Jax and Clay's, are just in time. Tonight Jax and Clay — and Gemma — keep the club focused on the coming storm, and Weston finds out who his new allies are. He won't be pleased. — Paul Droesch