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Little People, Big World
TLC While Jon and Kate continue to make headlines, TLC's favorite non-dysfunctional family returns for another season of Roloff family fun. Season 5 kicks off with a determined Matt ready to finally finish Molly's Castle, his most drawn-out (and costly) farm attraction, which is already 10 years in the making. A second new episode follows at 8:30 pm/ET, and it follows Molly as she prepares for her first high-school formal, which happens to be Zach and Jeremy's last. — Karen Andzejewicz

Latin Music USA
9/8cPBS (check local listings)
The history and influence of Latin music in the U.S. opens with "Bridges," which recalls the rise of Latin jazz, the mambo and cha-cha, and its impact on R&B and rock music through the 1960s. Then, "The Salsa Revolution" explores the NYC origins of salsa, which blended soul and jazz with the plena and son cubano music genres native to Puerto Rico and Cuba. — Jeff Gemmill