Lost Lost

New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30 pm/ET CBS
Christine is desperate to prove that she's fine with Richard getting married on this laugh-a-minute episode, so she brings a sexy guy to his rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, her hot date (a comically crude Lee Tergesen) turns out to be a first-class "jackass." Not that Christine will admit it. The series is on the bubble for renewal, but ABC has reportedly offered to pick it up if CBS passes. That's great news for Christine fans and comedy lovers everywhere. — Tim Holland

American Idol
9 pm/ET Fox
This will separate the men from the boys. The all-male Top 3 ripped through two songs each last night — one a judges' choice and the other a choice of their own. So now these gifted guys — Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert — await the viewer verdict with white-knuckle anticipation. Sadly, three's a crowd: One will fall flat while the other two will soar to next week's big final week. Adding some spark tonight is Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks, who performs "Battlefield." In addition, pop songstress Katy Perry renders "Waking Up in Vegas." — Dean Maurer

America's Next Top Model
8 pm/ET CW
Allison, Aminat or Teyona will be crowned the Cycle 12 winner tonight, and the competition is Teyona's to lose. Only a major meltdown would likely derail her chances. Birdlike Allison and strong-bodied Aminat seem destined to be runners-up. But, who knows? The obligatory CoverGirl photo shoot is never easy, and Teyona appears to have a problem with it. After one gal is eliminated, the final two hit the runway to show off their fiercest moves yet to land the top spot. — Tim Holland

9 pm/ET ABC
Rub-a-dub-dub, Sawyer, Juliet and Kate in the sub. How long they'll be together in these cramped quarters is an open question, but it doesn't look good for Juliet. Or is it just a tease? Maybe we'll find out in tonight's two-hour season finale, but there are other (Other?), if not bigger, fish to fry, like: What'll newly minted "man of faith" Jack do if he gets his hands on the bomb? And, in 2007, what'll newly minted "man of reason" Locke do if he gets his hands on Jacob? — Paul Droesch

10 pm/ET CBS
Series star Melina Kanakaredes penned tonight's international episode in which Stella investigates murders linked to ancient Greek artifacts, a case she has been involved with much of this past season. The evidence leads Stella to Greece, but in order to follow the clues there, she turns in her badge. Kanakaredes is Greek-American, so she probably knows a thing or two about Greek culture. — Tim Holland