Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live

8 pm/ET Nickelodeon
It's hard to deny the attraction of so-called bad boys, and Carly finds herself succumbing to this temptation when she starts going out with a guy who has a bad reputation. Spencer panics when he finds out about it, but then Carly uncovers a secret that makes her rethink the accuracy of her new beau's bad-boy appeal. Meanwhile, Sam has the desire to share her favorite gross-out videos with the world, so she hires Freddie to set up a Web site that will allow her to do this. — Jennifer Sankowski

Saturday Night Live
11:29 pm/ET NBC
This just in: It's Justin. SNL begins wrapping up its 34th season (the finale airs next week with host Will Ferrell) with popster Justin Timberlake getting in sync and serving as host. The actor-singer-dancer has proved to be a fine comic commodity: His drop-in guest appearances on SNL have been numerous and plenty funny — it's mighty hard to forget his viral-video turns with Andy Samberg or his high-heeled guest shot as a backup dancer for Beyoncé. Tonight's music guest is R&B songstress Ciara. — Dean Maurer

8 pm/ET Disney
"Bonus Jonas" Frankie makes his first appearance on his siblings' series in a cute episode in which Nick, Joe and Kevin accidentally destroy the family's video collection of home movies, which their mom cherishes. What to do? Why, re-create the scenes and record them, of course. Fans will enjoy seeing clips from the JoBros' actual home movies before they were pop superstars. — Tim Holland

Ace of Cakes
9 pm/ET Food Network
The Charm City Cakes crew get Lost in Hawaii when Jorge Garcia (Hurley) invites Duff and the gang to the Aloha State to create a cake celebrating the 100th episode of ABC's hit series. They'll get a behind-the-scenes tour of the set and meet the show's stars before constructing the complex confection. Don't worry, no time traveling is involved. — Karen Andzejewicz

Groomer Has It
9 pm/ET Animal Planet
Last season's winner, Artist Knox, returns with his own special style to judge the current group of talented groomers on their skill with a topknot. Let's hope he also knows a thing or two about bow ties because later on contestants must prepare their pooches to prance down the aisle as part of the show's first wedding challenge. The question remains, however, will they throw kibble or bits once the nuptials are over? — Rhoda Charles

White House Correspondents' Dinner
Have you heard the one about the president, the pope and the rabbi? Well, you just might after tonight's annual black-tie fete, which promises comedic turns from President Obama and Wanda Sykes. Sykes told AP that her routine will "poke fun and ridicule," but one suspects it won't eviscerate à la Stephen Colbert's memorable appearance at the 2006 event. In other words, expect jokes about TelePrompTers, Vice President Biden and Obama's penchant for high-minded (if long-winded) rhetoric. — Jeff Gemmill