Damages Damages

8 pm/ET MTV
No Real World alum has had a more lasting impact than San Francisco cast member Pedro Zamora (1972-94), one of the first openly gay HIV-positive men to appear on national television. After being diagnosed with the disease at age 17, he dedicated the rest of his entirely too-short life raising AIDS awareness among young people. This touching biographical docudrama chronicles the extraordinary life of the man who helped humanize the disease and vowed to "keep the cameras going every step of the way, no matter how bad it gets." —Karen Andzejewicz

I Get That a Lot
8 pm/ET CBS
This just in: Jeff Probst quits Survivor to work at a supermarket, while Heidi Klum indulges a lifelong desire to sell pizza. Psych! CBS punks viewers with an April Fool's Day special that convinces citizens that the celebs they have come across doing regular jobs behind the counter are just really good look-alikes. Ice-T selling shoes? Now that's funny. —Rhoda Charles

10 pm/ET FX
This is the season finale, so expect resolutions. Some, anyhow. For starters, FX is promising an "explosive conclusion" to Ellen's quest for revenge against Patty. We know that Patty will be back next season, as will Ellen, presumably. (You don't think that Wes will actually kill her, do you?) So what does the blurb mean? Then there's the UNR case. Will Patty nail Kendrick?  And who'll pay for Christine Purcell's murder? Kendrick had a hand in that, too. Swell guy, isn't he? —Paul Droesch

RENO 911!
10:30 pm/ET Comedy Central
Last season's cliffhanger explosion was not the department's finest hour, so one can forgive Jim's reluctance to address it head-on in tonight's sixth-season premiere. But we do get to meet two new officers: by-the-book sergeant Jack Declan (Ian Roberts); and Dep. Franky Rizzo (Joe Lo Truglio), who goes on a stakeout with Jones and makes it hard to figure out which side of the law he's on. Meanwhile, Jim and Raineesha confront a terminated employee (Jonah Hill) who won't leave his job. —Joe Friedrich

Life on Mars
10:02 pm/ET ABC
Should I stay or should I go? In the series finale of this acclaimed ensemble drama, a mysterious caller offers Sam a way to return to 2008. All he has to do is perform three simple tasks. But Sam is confused by his circumstances and wonders whether he even wants to go back now. —Fred Mitchell