Colin Hanks and David Krumholtz, Numb3rs Colin Hanks and David Krumholtz, Numb3rs

10 pm/ET CBS
Charlie doesn't like it, but he's forced to team up with an archrival (Colin Hanks) to solve a case. It all comes about when a vigilante group attempts to bring down a criminal mastermind. Things aren't any easier for Don. He continues to wrestle through conflicting emotions over whether to fully embrace his Jewish heritage and incorporate God into his life. — Tim Holland

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Degrassi in Ecuador
9 pm/ET The N
Several cast members from Degrassi: The Next Generation went to Kenya last year to help build a school for an impoverished community. It was such a successful and rewarding adventure that they decided to embark on a similar mission this year and head to Ecuador to assist a needy community with health and sanitation issues, and once again they help build a school. New cast members Charlotte Arnold and Evan Williams join veterans Sarah Barabble-Tishauer and Dalmar Abuzeid for this life-changing experience. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Don't Forget the Lyrics!
9 pm/ET Fox
The object of this game show is to win money, but what good is all that cash if you have no one to spend it on? Well, tonight two strangers not only meet for the first time to compete, but they just might have a chance at romance, too. And who better to help them than former Love Connection host Chuck Woolery and pop-music group Air Supply, whose string of hits include "The One That You Love" and "Every Woman in the World"? — Joe Friedrich

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Whale Wars
9 pm/ET Animal Planet
In tonight's season finale, the Sea Shepherds strike another blow in their epic battle against Japanese whalers in the Antarctic. Captain Watson claims that he took a bullet to the chest and milks it for all it's worth with the media. His antics may keep his group's mission in the public eye, but only time will tell if this showdown will put an end to the poaching. — Rhoda Charles

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Ghost Whisperer
8 pm/ET CBS
Before ghosts can see the light, sometimes they have to...see the light. That is, some remain because of long-finished business that they haven't come to terms with accepting. Tonight, Melinda helps a troubled ghost (Rena Sofer) who's in denial regarding a truth about her past marriage. — Bill Ecklund

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