Seal, Natasha Henstridge and Sam Jaeger, Eli Stone Seal, Natasha Henstridge and Sam Jaeger, Eli Stone

Eli Stone
10 pm/ET ABC
From the beginning, Dr. Chen has urged Eli to get in touch with his spiritual side, but can he help him get out of the lonely-hearts club, too? We'll find out tonight when Bridget Moynahan guest stars as a new love interest for the would-be prophet. And speaking of love, Matt seems to have convinced Taylor that they belong together, and he continues to show how much he cares by scoring two tickets to see her favorite singer, Seal. — Joe Friedrich

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8 pm/ET Fox
Last week's desk-sharing mind games between House and Cuddy gave new meaning to the concept of office politics — not to mention tough love. And tonight's the holiday episode so we'll see how they handle the are-they-or-aren't-they thing with the added stresses of holly and mistletoe thrown into the wassail bowl. We hear that House is in a gift-giving mood. Meanwhile, a teenager ruins her high school's holiday pageant by collapsing in the middle of it. Is there a House in the house? — Paul Droesch

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Biggest Loser: Families
8 pm/ET NBC
As the final four gear up for next week's big finale, they spend some time reflecting on how far they've come by trying on their old clothes and watching a highlight video of their progress throughout the season. The scope of their transformations truly hits home, however, when the contestants wear suits matching the amount of weight they've lost for the final challenge. Later, the players in the bottom two after the weigh-in make their pleas to become the viewer-selected third finalist. — Brie Hearn

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America's Funniest Home Videos
8 pm/ET ABC
Any holiday that comes with as much hustle and bustle as Christmas is just asking for blunders and mishaps, and tonight's episode shows why in a stocking full of clips that includes a Santa Claus who's not so merry while tripping on stairs, a little boy's dissatisfaction with his presents, a dog that steals a cat's treats, and a girl who wants anything but her sister's help with "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." — Joe Friedrich

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Olive, the Other Reindeer
8 pm/ET MyNetworkTV
The infectious charm of Drew Barrymore's voice is but one highlight of this thoroughly delightful 1999 animated tale about a dog who thinks she can sub for an injured Blitzen and save Christmas. "I've always been different than other dogs," says Olive (Barrymore), whose indomitable spirit conquers naysayers as she makes her way to the North Pole, accompanied by a crafty, con-artist penguin pal (Joe Pantoliano). Just accept that dogs talk, reindeer fly (and talk, too) and Santa (voiced by Edward Asner) is just like any other employer — only nicer.

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