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Tonight, on the episode of the week that I consider a big bother (because it's all about the silly Power of Veto challenge, which so rarely gets used for good), the first 15 minutes or so were preempted on the East Coast. And if I hadn't stuck around for Rock Star, then I wouldn't have seen what I thought was a handy message telling me that cbs.com was going to post the whole episode later on. So after the  INXS wannabes finished their deal go, Jordis! I log on only to discover that the episode won't be available till after 2 am/ET. That is way past my beddy-bye time on a school night. Thankfully, my current addiction to reading the web postings from the live feed helps keep me up-to-date on all the in-fighting in this not-so-humble abode. Turns out that Michael and Eric almost started a brawl, and I was excited when they showed Kaysar and Ivette also doing a bit of sparring the live feed apparently went to "fishbowl mode" when the fists started flying. The omnipresent Big Brother even had to intervene! That's pretty cool TV. I just can't stand that Eric nearly attacked Michael based on hearsay: Rachel sort of heard mumbling through a door, mentioned to Eric that it sounded kind of like they were talking about his family ,and chaos ensued. But Rachel isn't even the biggest troublemaker stirring up the pot; I think that honor goes to my former fave Ivette, who can't wait to run to tell people the latest gossip, make fun of someone or start a verbal battle. I guess I was mistaken when I thought that this cast seemed dull. If they keep up these antics it could make for a highly entertaining season well, at least until someone gets seriously injured.