The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory

One small gesture can be worth a thousand punch lines. This becomes clear in the last moments of The Big Bang Theory's funny and ultimately touching season finale (CBS, 8/7c), as the gang prepares to watch Howard Walowitz — or "Froot Loops," to his fellow astronauts (you'll learn why) — go into space. But not before hastily arranging an accelerated wedding for Howard and his beloved, Bernadette (Don't Call Her Ma), whose one condition is that no Klingon be used in the ceremony. To which Sheldon declares: "What do you see in her?"

The Big Bang Theory long ago achieved liftoff in the ratings, and the reasons are clear as we watch this geek parade rally to the occasion, while busting Leonard's chops for having blurted out a mid-coital proposal to Penny a week ago. She said no. But millions will say "I do" to one of TV's most robust and justifiably popular comedies.

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