Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman

First, comedy tonight (since that's what was made available for review): NBC's current best sitcom, Parks and Recreation, ended its February sweeps run with some incredibly sweet moments: the impromptu nuptials of Leslie and Ben ("I love you and I like you"), Ann Perkins' awkwardly heartfelt invitation to Chris to be her would-be baby's daddy, the way everyone rallied to lift Andy's spirits after he's rejected by the police academy.

This week's episode (8:30/7:30c) aims for much broader humor, and if you're of the school that finds the obnoxious Jean-Ralphio a scream (count me out), you may be delighted to meet his twin sister, Mona Lisa Sapperstein, shrilly embodied by Saturday Night Live alum Jenny Slate. Less inscrutable than unbearable, this Mona Lisa goes to work for Tom at the Rent-a-Swag shop, but the balance of power soon shifts the other way — prompting Chris, who has yet to make his "dad-cision" to Ann, to step in as Tom's father figure. In the funnier main story, Leslie faces opposition from Ron Swanson — who actually makes an appearance at a city council meeting! — when she proposes that Pawnee help keep a struggling business afloat, a pretentious art-house/movie rental operation run by an amusing Jason Schwartzman. Ron sees this bailout as the first step toward Pawnee becoming a "socialist hellscape," and sure enough, soon every town eccentric is lining up for "free money."

Providing the tart-sweet vibe that is Parks' specialty, Ann bides her time waiting for Chris' decision by forcing her snarky frenemy April to pretend to be her BFF. Which means playing games like deciding which Sex and the City character you're most like. Gotta say, Ann nails it where April is concerned.

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