When it comes to making love on the big screen, Charlize Theron doesn't like to be ordered around. In fact, the star of Reindeer Games, The Cider House Rules and the upcoming flick The Yards explains that directors should be bound and gagged during sex scenes.

"You don't want to choreograph them too much," the 24-year-old bombshell tells Shine magazine. "Certain aspects are choreographed for the benefit of the cinematographer so he can light it, but you don't want to overdo it because then it just becomes five, six, seven, eight, turn over."

The actress says spontaneity played a big role in her raucous tryst with Ben Affleck in Reindeer Games. "The funny thing about that scene was that it was never rehearsed, so what happened really happened," she says. "There were no camera setups, we just had two steady-cam operators in the room with us, and they had no idea where we were going to go. [Director John Frankenheimer] basically said, 'Wherever those two go, you follow!' "

On the set of 1997's Devil's Advocate, Theron credits co-star Keanu Reeves's sense of humor with helping to make their coital clash a romp to remember.

"At one point, Keanu had to take my pants and my panties off," she recalls. "I am completely naked and we were supposed to start making love, but Keanu's got everything on ? his shoes, his pants, everything. So I am trying to hook my toe in there to pull his pants off, but it's not graceful. And he's just standing there, as though he's on stage at The Comedy Store, saying stuff like, 'Isn't it funny how you are making love to your wife and you still have your pants on?' Things like that would just crack me up."