With The Voice's Season 11 blind auditions done, we've seen some of the best — and well, some of the not so best — talent this season has to offer. Of course, we've got a long ride ahead of us to see how these folks' futures pan out on the competition, but we may be able to find some clues on who's got the goods by taking a step backwards. Check out these videos from 13 of the more promising acts to emerge during blinds. Who are you rooting for?

1. Sa'Rayah, a singer from Chicago, picked Miley Cyrus after doing a solid job — her likability was enhanced by her story of all she overcame growing up. She's also performed under the name Tytiana Nelson, and has done some good covers of gospel songs. Here she is performing "Don't Take Your Joy Away" by Kirk Franklin.

2. Ethan Tucker did a Wyclef-y rendition of The Police's classic "Roxanne" on his audition but here he is paying his dues playing for crowds in what seems like a very noisy venue. Points for keeping it together over all those people talking! He picked Blake Shelton.

3. We McDonald wowed everyone — especially since the teenager's adorably mousy speaking voice is much different from her polished croon — and then picked Alicia Keys. Here she is performing at the Apollo theater. This song isn't great for her, TBH but, hey, she's come a long way!

4. Andrew DeMuro is the Chicago special ed teacher who made a whole bunch of "Awwws" pour out of our mouths when he said he got to perform with his favorite artist, Billy Joel. Here's that video! He chose Adam Levine.

5. Billy Gilman was a legit star before The Voice, with a record deal at 11, a Grammy nomination and a career trajectory soaring like gas prices in summer. That's before it all came crashing down when his voice changed as a teenager. Relive his better days with this video that has more than 4 million views! He's on team Adam.

6. Sophia Urista is a total rock star who in fact may be a little outre for The Voice — what with her funky, spiky persona that's much more CBGB than NBC. Here's the onetime NYC burlesque performer doing a rendition of a jam by Betty Davis, the pioneering funk soul mama whose outer-space schtick helped influence her husband, some guy you may have heard of named Miles Davis. Sophia chose Miley.

7. Brendan Fletcher knocked everyone out with his smoky "Jolene" that wasn't the Dolly Parton song. He picked Adam. Here's the Brooklynite rocking out a version of "My Girl" that somehow morphs into R. Kelly's "Ignition" to a, no doubt, very tipsy crowd.

8. Simone Gundy, a devoted wife and mom, did a fantastic job with "I Who Have Nothing." She picked Adam. Here she is a long time before that singing what appears to be an original track, "Look for Me."

9. Darby Walker is just 17 — a transplant to the L.A. area after her mom uprooted the family from Atlanta to pursue her singing career. Looks like that paid off — especially since she appeared on Girl Meets World, as well. Here she is covering Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" in her signature style that's very Florence from Florence & The Machine. She picked team Miley.

10. Austin Allsup may be the most polished musician of all the blind auditioners. He once opened for Blake, as it happens, is touring and has music running through his veins from his father Tommy Allsup — a rockabilly and swing musician who's been playing since the 1950s. He famously lost a coin toss to get a seat on a plane with colleague Buddy Holly in 1959 — a loss that ended up saving his life, as the plane crashed and killed everyone on board. Here's Austin performing his own song "Tongue Tied."

11. Courtney Harrell is yet another contestant with so much experience it's sort of mind-boggling she's competing against up-and-comers, but, here we are. She's a real-deal songwriter with songs for Mary J. Blige and Ne-Yo, among others in her arsenal; but she's never been a solo act. Until now, it seems! Here she is performing at an artist program in L.A.

12. Blaine Long, an Arizona dad with an adorable family, is all about the Americana and makes his living doing original songs. He chose Blake. (Blaine and Blake - how cute!)

13. Ponciano Seoane, from San Antonio Texas, got weepy when talking about his love for his kid, and his emotion and passion came all the way through in his voice. Here's his cover of "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. He chose Adam.

How do you think these folks will do this season?

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.