Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy

Chances are you've probably heard a lot about Fox's new serial killer drama The Following.

It's violent. It's suspenseful. It's often terrifying. And someone does something unimaginable with an ice pick in the very first episode. But according to creator and executive producer Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek, The Vampire Diaries), it's also a love story.

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The Following creator Kevin Williamson on show's extreme violence: It's just fiction!

The question remains, will a broadcast network audience sit through the sick and twisted elements to get the deeper story? Purefoy believes so. "We've always need boogey monsters," he says, referring to Grimm's fairy tales. "Boogey monsters are a form of social control. They're about [the idea that] if you behave badly, you will get caught by this person. So, stay on track and do as you're told. And that's what this show is really about. It gets under your skin. I don't think it's about the body count or the blood. It's about getting under the skin of the audience and making them feel a little bit panicky."

Adds Bacon: "I don't think any of this matters if we don't make them interesting characters to watch. Of course some people are going to be turned off by it. Some people are turned off by gay couples on television. Some people don't like anything that takes place in a city. ... But you have to make these characters interesting and compelling. ... That's much more interesting than how somebody is going to get killed. If there's somebody about to jump out of a closet with a knife, [and] if you don't give a sh-- about the person that's walking by, it doesn't matter."

The Following premieres Monday at 9/8c on Fox.