With The Bachelorette almost over, it's time to go all-in on speculating about The Bachelor.

For the past several years, the next star of The Bachelor has almost always chosen from the ranks of the final four of The Bachelorette — with one notable exception — and there's no reason to expect this year will be different, especially since there are some quality dudes in the final four.

This means that popular pre-final four dudes like Blake the hot veteran (eliminated night one), Pretty Boy Pit Bull Kenny King (eliminated a few weeks ago) and Adam or Matt (jk jk jk) will not be distributing roses this fall.

That leaves four options: Dean, Eric, Peter and Bryan. Each one has a set of pros and cons about what kind of Bachelor they'd be.

Peter, Bryan, Dean and Eric, <em>The Bachelorette</em>Peter, Bryan, Dean and Eric, The Bachelorette

Pros for Dean: he's dreamy, he's smart (maybe for a normal person, definitely for a Bachelorette contestant), he's fun, he's funny. And after last week's hometown, we care about him. Cons: he's immature and not ready to get engaged. It wouldn't be a great season if you know before the show even starts that there's zero chance of a relationship working.

Pros for Eric: he's fun; he has a great backstory and a great family, as we learned last week; and it would be cool to have a black Bachelor, especially right after we had a black Bachelorette. Cons: he's also not ready to get engaged. He's never been in a serious relationship before.

Pros for Peter: Peter is like the genetically-engineered perfect Bachelor. He's handsome, charming and sincere. Everyone loves him. Cons: he's low-key kinda dull. Like can you remember anything funny Peter said? To be fair, a lack of personality isn't necessarily disqualify someone for The Bachelor contention, nor does it even mean a bad season. It really comes down to the girls. The lead is just there to give them someone good-looking to play off.

Pros for Bryan: some people find him charming, I guess? Cons: watching a whole season of him swallowing girls' faces would be unnerving.

All that being said, it's time to hear from you. After you vote for who you want, vote for who you think will be the next Bachelor.

Results will be announced later this week.