Cult filmmaker John Waters, best known for such raunchy fare as Pink Flamingos and Polyester, switches gears in his new black comedy, Cecil B. Demented. The film, starring Melanie Griffith and Stephen Dorff, features car chases and tons of violence. And Waters admits that the experience left him rather frustrated.

"It was a drag," he tells TV Guide Online. "Violence takes a long time. There were all these rules. You had to have all these safety meetings and yell, 'Fire in the hole!' It sounded kind of dirty to me."

Waters wasn't particularly crazy about the presence of guns on the set, either. "I'm paranoid," he says. "I don't have a gun. Once I shot a machine gun with these bikers, but I don't have a gun fetish. I hate guns. I hate New Age crystals. I hate a lot of things!"

But one thing the director loves is his hometown of Baltimore, where he shoots most of his films. "It just seems realer to me," Waters explains. "When critics try to be mean to me, they say, 'Isn't it time he got out of Baltimore?' " Another bonus of the Maryland seaport? The extras. "In Hollywood when I had extras, they all looked like people who didn't get the part," he says. "They looked like people who came in second for sitcoms."

But beware ? working as an extra on a Waters film can be hazardous to one's health. "In Hairspray, one of the extras for no reason hit another extra in the face," he recalls. "They had to have stitches and an ambulance had to come... we had lawsuits. Just an insane extra! How do you know what they're going to do when you yell, 'Action!'?"