Actress Terry Farrell has a confession to make — she doesn't really have that much in common with Reggie, the diner owner she plays on CBS's Becker.

"She's more laid back than I am," the former Elite model tells the TV Guide Channel. "Terry works harder than Reggie does. Reggie's going to school; Terry's not. I have a house; Reggie doesn't. She owns a business; I don't. Reggie gets l--d; Terry doesn't."

Another major difference between Terry and Reggie is that the actress still has a legion of Star Trek fans who can't seem to forget her earlier work as Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax on Deep Space Nine. The blue-eyed bombshell exited the sci-fi series to work on Becker, a career move that broke the heart of many a Star Trek fan.

"They're really sweet," Farrell says of her loyal Trekkers. "They always address me as 'Miss Farrell,' or 'Oh, my gosh! You're Dax!' The fans that seem to know the most about the character will want to know why I left the show. But most people are pretty understanding. They get that it's a job and you're looking for another job.

"Come on, watch Becker!," she says to those die-hard Deep Space Nine fans who haven't yet made the crossover to CBS. "I know you're not watching football!"