Terriers Terriers

Bad things seem to happen to everyone around Terriers' Hank Dolworth.

In the penultimate episode of the FX drama's first season, Hank (Donal Logue) pulled Jason Adler (Loren Dean), the new husband of Hank's ex-wife Gretchen (Kimberly Quinn), into his investigation of a corporate conspiracy that threatens Ocean Beach. And by the episode's end, Jason was dead.

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Regardless of whether Gretchen learns the truth about Hank's involvement in Jason's death, Quinn doesn't expect an immediate reunion between the former couple. "She loved Jason and was hoping for a healthy, long-term marriage," Quinn says. "Really, I think that all she wants is to be happy. She needs to get over Jason and deal with herself a little."

But Quinn says the season finale (airing Wednesday at 10/9c on FX) also gives her hope about the couple's chances to figure things out— if the critically loved but ratings-challenged show gets a second season.

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