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Terra Nova ended its freshman season by permanently cutting off the colony to the future and unloading a whole slew of new mysteries for what the producers likely hope means a second season.

Lucas Taylor (Ashley Zuckerman) finally got the upper-hand on his father, bringing the Phoenix Army to the past, where they planned to mine and strip Terra Nova of all its resources. Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) refused to go down without a fight, sending Jim (Jason O'Mara) to the future to destroy Hope Plaza, essentially plunging everyone left in the colony into the dark ages, with no further contact with the future possible. However, before the Phoenix Army high-tailed it away, they left a clue that could mean... there may be humans on prehistoric Earth? Or another portal?

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What will happen to the stranded colonists on Terra Nova? That can only be answered if Fox decides to renew the show. We've put together a list of 10 reasons why the network should or should not bring the series back for a second round.

Should Not: The family. Sure the Shannon clan has come a long way since Jim was locked up in prison, but the show has yet to establish an emotional tie to the family that would keep audiences invested in wanting to see where they end up. Exhibit A: Josh Shannon (Landon Liboiron) swiftly became as expendable as fellow renegade Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman), and we all know how that ended on V.

Should: Stephen Lang. He's a geek god (See: Avatar). Lang perfectly captured the stoic leader, often with a hint of humor. We could watch him in anything, though he can leave the shirtless scenes to Jason O'Mara, thank you very much. (Plus: We'd love to see a flashback to the 118 days where Taylor was alone on the planet.)

Should Not: The dinosaurs. The producers assured fans at Comic-Con that there would be at least one dinosaur in every episode, and sure, they've lived up to that promise, but every dino appearance has been an afterthought, making us forget the colony is meant to be in constant danger from the next CGI mess that fails to live up to Jurassic-sized expectations. Even the carno-carnage in the finale was lackluster.

Should: Sci-fi shows should survive! Otherworldly series are being overrun by procedurals and reality shows. Maybe if the series showed a little more dino-drama and a little less teenage angst (we're looking at you, Maddy and Mark), those sci-fi fans would come running back. 

Should Not: The mole. There's nothing worse than a spy who suddenly begins acting obvious (cough, Skye, we saw that coming...) once the show is finally ready to reveal her identity. Worse: Even after learning that Skye (Allison Miller) was turning against the colony to save her mother, the show had her flipping back and forth in the finale to the point where we gave up on caring whose side she was on.

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Should: The Badlands could be good? The mysterious Badlands, only now introduced in the season finale, where the prow of an old wooden ship was discovered, could hold a wealth of new mystery. Namely, how did the ship even get there? (Oh, we're having a Lost flashback.) And why did the Phoenix army head straight there after being cut off from 2149?

Should Not: The lack of action. The entire first season had been building up to the arrival of the 11th pilgrimage, along with Lucas Taylor taking over the colony, yet the only scene they showed was the initial explosion, denying viewers of the first real action since the pilot's dino-carnage. Did they spend all the money on the pilot and not have anything left?

Should: More than Terra Nova? There's a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered outside the colony. If Terra Nova gets renewed, that's the first place they should head. And for that matter, why not show more of the future, too?

Should Not: Obvious plot devices. You know when a character that has rarely been in the spotlight is suddenly thrust front and center (Hello, Wash), it can only mean they're not long for this world. Taylor's second-in-command (Simone Kessell) sacrificed herself so the Shannon family could escape, which would actually have made an impact on the audience if we had ever cared about the character before.

Should Not: A clearly insane villain: Taylor's insipid and insufferable son, not the dinosaurs, became the colony's ultimate villain, whose work to destroy Terra Nova was secondary to Zuckerman's overacting as his most grievous offence. Like Michael Myers of Halloween, he's also the character who refuses to die.

Do you think Terra Nova should be renewed? What did you think of the Season 1 finale? Hit the comments with your thoughts.