Question: Please tell me all you can about the late '70s show Sugar Time. All I remember is that it starred Barbi Benton. Anything you could add would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Answer: Well, I don't have much more than you, Nick, but here goes.

As you say, Sugar Time! (never forget the all-important exclamation point, please), which ran on ABC from August 1977 through the following May, starred Ms. Benton as aspiring singer Maxx. Joining her to make up a wannabe rock trio called (surprise) Sugar were Marianne Black (Maggie) and Didi Carr (Diane). The three — whose day jobs were, respectively, hatcheck girl (did enough people still wear those to require such a thing in the '70s?), children's dance instructor and dental hygienist — lived together and strutted their stuff at a joint called Al Marks' Tryout Room. (Wynn Irwin played Al.)

The musical duties on the show were overseen by '70s icon Paul Williams, who also wrote original tunes for it.