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The NFL may be in a lockout, but some of the league's biggest stars joined Taylor Lautner to spoof the situation for Funny or Die.

In a mock movie trailer for Field of Dreams 2: Lockout, Lautner plays an Iowa corn farmer who, just like Kevin Costner in the original film, hears a voice say, "If you build it, they will come." After creating a football field in the middle of the farm, real NFL players including Tony Gonzalez, Ray Lewis, Shawne Merriman, DeSean Jackson and Dwight Freeney show up for the big game.

Before long, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (played by Ray Liotta, who appeared in Field of Dreams) comes to town to force another lockout. He tells Lautner's character that the players are taking advantage of him by staying in his house, hitting on his wife and ordering Pay-Per-View movies like No Strings Attached. Eventually Dennis Haysbert (now famous for his All State insurance commercials) explains the new agreement to the players, referees and coaches.

While the video, which you can watch below, provides laughs, the deleted scenes feature the real kicker: Lautner and Costner playing catch. "You catch this, we all go back to playing football," Costner tells him. "You drop it, you might as well go back to that Twilight thing."

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