Tatiana Maslany Tatiana Maslany

What happens on the carpet after the Emmy red carpet ends?

Host Andy Samberg gave us surprising insight on Sunday night. Halfway through the show, he cut back to the "carpet cam" on the now-empty arrivals area.

"All right, looks pretty desolate, not much going on," he said. Suddenly, a figure in a black gown appeared. "Hang on, is that Tatiana Maslany?"

Indeed it was — with a metal detector. She found a can of beans and started snacking (to be fair, none of these women have eaten in weeks) only to be interrupted by recent Emmy winner Tony Hale... who also had a metal detector. And was also hungry, it seemed.

"He sees Tatiana's beans — oh, she doesn't want to share her beans. They're fighting over the beans! Here comes security... aaaand they're all going to jail," Samberg narrated.

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"The red carpet: significantly less glamorous after you leave it," Samberg quipped.