Molly Shannon Molly Shannon

Jeers to The Talk for turning Molly Shannon into a parody of herself.

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The skilled sketch comic used to spoof tacky TV shows like CBS' daytime trainwreck during her Saturday Night Live stint. As guest cohost during September, Shannon has been reduced to chatting with Jennifer Love Hewitt about her "controversial" new haircut and learning easy back-to-school recipes from Giada de Laurentiis. This gig is beneath such a Superstar.

Still, Shannon is a step up from the departed Leah Remini, whose penchant for screaming left viewers diving for their remotes to hit the mute button. The Talk's other new guest cohost, standup Sheryl Underwood, is equally loud, but at least she can be amusing. Now if they could just get rid of the eternally grating Sharon Osbourne, this show might be worth Talk-ing about.

What do you think of The Talk's new lineup?

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