In the WB's new animated series Baby Blues, premiering Friday at 8 pm/ET, former Saturday Night Live regular Julia Sweeney reveals to viewers a shocking new side of herself: her voice.

"It's the first time I've ever used my real voice on TV," Sweeney tells TV Guide Online, adding that if only her alter ego wasn't so dowdy, they'd be the spitting image of each other. "I think Wanda should be a little sexier looking, then she'd be more like me. But I'm adjusting."

Sweeney ? best known as androgynous Pat, the SNL character she created and later took to a feature-length film ? was no stranger to the popular comic strip on which the show is based. "All my girlfriends who are married and have babies kept telling me about it," she says. "They got me to read it and I thought it was very sharp and funny. Actually, the TV version is going to be darker and edgier and a little less about moms and kids."

As Wanda, Sweeney faces the ups and downs of life in suburbia along with her husband, Daryl, and their new bundle of joy, baby Zoe. Among her daily challenges are the dysfunctional family next door and Zoe's terminally hip babysitter, Bizzy, who has a penchant for bad boys. And while Wanda longs for less responsibility and more time away from the kitchen, Sweeney admits she feels a little different.

"I actually watch the Food [Network] almost exclusively," she says. "I love Grillin' and Chillin' with Bobby Flay and East Meets West with Ming Tsai. [And] in the last year I've gone to two cooking schools ? one in Mexico and one in Thailand."

Also unlike Wanda, Sweeney doesn't clean up the mess she leaves behind. Jokes the performer: "I've discovered that you have to have people over to your house who will wash dishes for food."