On last week's Survivor: Pearl Islands, the dwindling Drake tribe blamed Michelle Tesauro for their recent immunity-challenge loss and gave her the boot at tribal council. Hmm... We can't exactly say we disagree with their decision!

Here's the sitch: The strong-stomached gal offered to play decoy in the "sardine smoothie" food challenge. If she pretended to freak out over the task, Michelle reasoned, their Morgan rivals would wrongly peg her as Drake's weak link and pick her to drink a second disgusting fish-filled smoothie. She would surprise them by doing just that, and defeat them. Voila! But, um, that's not what happened.

Instead of faking wimpy like she was supposed to, Michelle eagerly downed her first revolting concoction. Natch, that led Morgan to choose the obviously squeamish Sandra to swallow another sardine shake. They figured Sandra couldn't beat Morgan's Darrah in the fishy face-off, and they were right.

What the hell was Michelle thinking? "It wasn't really a plan," the 22-year-old lamely tells TV Guide Online. "It was just an idea. We didn't know for sure that it was going to be that the slowest person to drink was going to have to go again. It could have been the fastest person.

"Plus," she adds defensively, "it was just disgusting. Had I sat there and dwelled on it, I probably would have thrown it up. All day, I tasted that shake."

Clearly, working as a team player isn't her strongest suit. "I talked to Rupert that night [after losing the challenge]," Michelle explains. "And his alliance thought they would rather have me around in the merge than have [Shawn] around. But they were scared. They weren't sure how allied I was with the Drake tribe, and they didn't think they could count on me to help pick off the Morgan members after the merge.

"Which," she admits with a wink, "they were right about."