In a stunning upset, basketball coach Gervase Peterson — considered the favorite to go the distance and claim the $1 million prize — got the heave-ho on Survivor last night in a landslide vote. Two weeks ago, a cybersleuth in Ontario went public with his theory that Gervase was the winner, citing a photo on CBS's official web site that showed him as the only contestant without an X on his his face. Appearing on CBS's The Early Show, Peterson, who received word that his fourth child had been born just prior to getting the boot, admitted that he knew the end was near. "I was the biggest threat," he told Bryant Gumbel, adding that his strategy all along was "to do as little as possible, be friends with everybody, coast through it, be nonthreatening and win." He then went on to trash his fellow contestants, especially truck driver Sue. "I don't like Sue," he said. "We didn't get along at all. She's very annoying." He called Sean, who last night succumbed to peer pressure and abandoned his alphabetical voting system, an "idiot. The guy was clueless." And should fellow exile Jenna pose nude for Playboy? "I'm buying extra copies!" Gervase admitted. The three-hour Survivor finale airs Aug. 23. Meanwhile, on Big Brother, Jordan's promise that she would perform a naked trampoline act if she was allowed to stay wasn't enough to sway viewers, as they elected her for banishment over Curtis by a margin of 3-1. Incidentally, Jordan's eviction notice arrived on her 27th birthday.