Jon Dalton may go down in history as the most notorious Survivor ever. Even
Richard Hatch couldn't top some of this dude's dastardly deeds. He lied to his

Survivor: Pearl Islands teammates, telling them his grandmother died. He constantly spewed misogynistic comments. No one's intelligence escaped insult on the show. The guy who calls himself Jonny Fairplay — that's his wrestling moniker — felt any nasty move was "just part of the game." Well, he did make the final three. And surprisingly, the other 15 Pearl Islands contestants didn't lynch him during Sunday night's reunion show! Here, the smooth talker spares a few minutes for TV Guide Online to chat about his future plans, his scary fantasies, and the upcoming Survivor: All Stars edition.

TVGO: Has the WWE called to sign up Jonny Fairplay as a new wrestler?
Jon: Maybe. Can't say. I'm not allowed to say. What do you think? How is that for an answer?

TVGO: How about you and Burton as a tag team?
Jon: Maybe. I know I won't work with anyone else.

TVGO: What did you hope to get out of Survivor? Did you want to be famous or just take on a challenge?
Jon: Oh no. Definitely fame. TV and film. I want to work with that Paris Hilton chick. I saw a video with her the other day, and I want to do something like that, hopefully.

TVGO: At least spring for color film instead of the night vision camera.
Jon: Maybe CBS will let me leave with a camera... I'll keep you posted.

TVGO: Do you feel let down, now that the show is over and you lost?
Jon: No, I was the male Survivor 7 winner. And if you think about it, that is actually a little more impressive.

TVGO: Have any of your anti-female comments affected your dating life?
Jon: No. I have more m&#233nage &#224 trois.

TVGO: Well, you did sleep in a tent with some cute girls.
Jon: Yeah. Quit talking about Rupert like that. Nice guys finish eighth.

TVGO: Was your grandma upset that you lied about her death?
Jon: Nah. She is [pretty cool]. She's been married eight times.

TVGO: Was there any scheme you hoped to try that you didn't?
Jon: I did everything that I wanted to... except win.

TVGO: Are you mad at Lill for not choosing you to go to the final two?
Jon: Yes. Well, not really mad. She made one decision in the entire game. I hear next year, she's going to make two decisions. So I'm looking forward to that.

TVGO: How did you feel about the Outcast members getting a chance to come back?
Jon: I thought they were great, because they voted with me. I said, "This is going to make for great TV." Every year on Survivor, there is a twist, and no one has any right to bitch. And no one bitched at home until [the Outcasts] got rid of Rupert. So screw 'em, I say.

TVGO: How hard would it be for someone to top your "Most Hated Player" reputation?
Jon: No one can top Jonny Fairplay. I'm the greatest player that ever played the game. Richard Hatch can't hold my chalk... but I bet he'd like to.

TVGO: What three words best describe you?
Jon: H--g, hot, and humble.

TVGO: You made a comment at the reunion about Survivor: All Stars. Was that a clue you're going to be in it?
Jon: I'm not allowed to say.

TVGO: Come on... are you allowed to hint?
Jon: I've proven that it is pretty easy for me to eliminate Rupert [who is also rumored to be in Survivor: All Stars], so let's see if I can go two for two.