Regis Philbin got into the Survivor craze on this morning's

Live by sinking his teeth into an oven-roasted rat. Amid chants of 'Regis' from the studio audience, the Millionaire man took a blink-and-you-missed-it nibble of the rodent after guest co-host and Survivor alum Gervase Peterson did so first. It's all part of the show's Survivor week, with a different castaway serving as guest host each day. Thursday's episode promises to be Must-See TV when Philbin is joined by loudmouth truck driver Susan Hawk. That same day, presidential candidate George W. Bush is scheduled to make an appearance. "I hope Sue is a Republican," Philbin quipped. Speaking of Hawk, the New York Daily News reports that CBS has given the tapioca lover permission to appear in an episode of NBC's new David Alan Grier/Delta Burke sitcom DAG. However, there's one stipulation: the Peacock network has been forbidden from promoting her performance. (As if Sue will need any help getting the word out.) Finally, Survivor's rumored lovebirds Greg Buis and Colleen Haskell are apparently making up for not getting it on on Palau Tiga. USA Today reports that the duo have been spotted together in Haskell's hometown of Bethesda, MD, and that locals there are referring to Buis as her boyfriend.