Mel Karmazin knows the identity of Survivor's $1 million winner — and it's driving him crazy. Karmazin, president and chief operating officer of Viacom (which owns CBS), tells

Variety that being in the know "sucks. I'm not enjoying the show as much as I could have. [And] it's difficult when I'm with other people and they try to fish it out of me. I have to have people sample my drinks to make sure there's no truth serum in it." Karmazin is one of approximately 100 people who know whether Rich, Rudy, Sue or Kelly will ultimately claim the loot. Sound engineer Terry Dwyer also is among the unlucky insiders; Dwyer mixed the Survivor finale for the audio company Wildwoods. "I have some neighbors bugging me all the time," he tells the trade paper. In other Survivor news, USA Today reports that despite a $500,000 offer from Hugh Hefner, castaway Jenna Lewis has decided not to pose nude in Playboy. Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that CBS has pared down the contestant pool for Survivor II from 49,000 to 800. The follow-up will be based in Australia and will debut following the Super Bowl in January.