Kristin Bell and Kristin Cavallari, <EM>Veronica Mars</EM>   Kristin Bell and Kristin Cavallari, Veronica Mars  
Survivor: Panama Exile Island
As we head into March Madness and lose Survivor for two weeks, it's time for a little "unseen footage" or what some might call "filler." Since it wasn't even a real episode, I figured we'd see the real show open with all of the contestants, but no such luck. The repeated viewing of

Tina crying over her son was just as sad as the first time, and the clips from different episodes truly show how crazy Shane has been. But the new footage was the real reason to tune in. It was hardly surprising that most of the unaired material came out of the fractured and loony Casaya tribe. In fact, once the show got to the point where two tribes were formed, there was only one scene from La Mina all the rest were courtesy of the Casaya crazies and their arguments. I came away with a brand-new appreciation for Sally and had no idea she was going through such tough post-divorce trauma with her parents. Until I viewed that scene, I thought Austin simply had the hots for her. Among my favorite new Casaya bits: Melinda and Cirie licking water off leaves (I guess intense thirst helped Cirie get over her fear), the moonlight birthday serenade to Boston Powers, the snake dinner and the great soap debate of '06. When Shane argued that the soap belonged to "the lunatic," I felt that could have described just about anyone in the tribe. Other than revealing why Bobby and Danielle disliked each other, not much was brought to light, but I enjoyed the additional Casaya footage anyway. But Bobby really insulted cliquey seventh-grade girls everywhere by comparing them to Shane. Next time someone might be airlifted out of the game, and Terry and Aras battle for the top-dog spot. Sorry yoga-boy, your only position will be downward-facing dog.