Survivor: Panama Exile Island First off, was it
Exile Island

or Opposite Island last night? Fire dancer Courtney had trouble with the fire, La Mina actually lost a challenge, and Shane, of all people, called other players "lunatic" and "neurotic." Then he himself promptly earned both descriptions tenfold by shouting about the "Shane Thinking Seat." Yeah, right, that will be getting a lot of use. One-man army Terry was a champ during the reward challenge and was charitable to his tribe when he called it a "team effort." Sure, if you spell "team" t-e-r-r-y. Poor Bruce barely got to know his tribe before once again being shuffled off to Exile Island, but given the juvenile arguments at Casaya, he was probably better off. Enough with the Bickersons. Over at La Mina, the tribe enjoyed "Nemo," and Sally said it would be "unbelievable" if they caught any more. That spear you dropped in 50 feet of water has nothing to do with your starving tribe, right? That immunity challenge was insane body slams, bone crunching, and lots and lots of blurred-out bits. Jeff Probst cracked me up calling out all the action, between "one big game of twister" and "Aras used some sort of yoga move." Of course, Shane seemed to take credit for Aras' score while shouting "See, I told you to bring me the bag!" Shut... up... Shane. Somehow Austin found himself in a power position during the plotting and scheming. Although young guys have a pretty bad track record on Survivor, Austin might be one to watch. He's the one who pushed to exile Bruce to hurt Casaya, and he also suggested that Misty lost the challenge for them. I noticed Dan comforting both Misty and Ruth Marie at Tribal Council. Such a nice guy, that spaceman. In the end, idol-less Misty took the walk of shame (guess Austin didn't care much for back rubs), and then there were 13. And because it can't be said enough: Shut... up... Shane. Ken McGilvray

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