Unlike many of her fellow castaways, Survivor sweetheart Colleen Haskell did her best to shun the spotlight after the show ended in August. So, it's ironic that the Bethesda, Md. native now seems primed to become the Palau Tigan most likely to succeed in the world of showbiz. Without any prior acting experience, Haskell landed the role of Rob Schneider's love interest in the upcoming comedy feature Animal.

"After Survivor, I didn't really want to do anything," the 24-year-old tells USA Today from the film's Hollywood set. "I didn't want to go into acting. I met some people involved with the film, I auditioned for the role, and to my surprise, I got the part. And now I'm sitting in a trailer on a movie set. It kinda happened really, really fast."

But as Haskell explains, she couldn't have found a better acting coach than Schneider, who plays a guy who takes on animalistic behaviors after receiving organ transplants from several creatures. "Rob is teaching me a lot," she says of the Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo star. "I'm telling everyone that everything I learned, I learned from him."

However, when it comes to coping with the pitfalls of fame — namely, the tabloids obsession with celebrity scandal — it's Haskell who could probably teach Schneider a few things. From the second she got kicked off the island, the art student has been dogged by rumors romantically linking her to fellow Survivor contestant Greg Buis. At first, the media glare "really bothered me," she admits. "Now I'm like, why would I care? People are going to say what they want."

Well, for the record, what's the deal with her and Greg? "He's a really good friend," she says. "We've stayed close after the show, and that's it." Spoken like a Hollywood pro.