Former Lois & Clark star Dean Cain says he hasn't gotten a fair shake in Hollywood because people still only think of him as Superman. But that perception might change with the actor's next project.

"It's the studio people," Cain complains of the career pigeonholing in The Advocate. "That's something I've been working to change in the last three years."

Cain will get the chance to show audiences a whole new side of himself in The Broken Hearts Club ? A Romantic Comedy, a gay buddy movie opening this fall. The former Man of Steel will play a gay actor whose heart gets broken by a closeted action star (played by Baywatch Hawaii hunk Michael Bergin).

"My mother and father were not wide-open to it, to be quite honest," says Cain. "They didn't want me to be perceived as the guy who plays gay characters all the time any more than they want me to be perceived as Superman."

But the movie should be a treat for Cain's many gay fans ? and we do mean many. The handsome actor, who grew up with the nickname Deanie Weenie, says he received lots of gay fan mail during his four years in tights. "The gay fan mail was usually the sweetest and nicest," he says.